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Developed by leading neuroscientists and based on rigorous scientific research, TALI has been validated in highly respected research trials, as well as being published in peer reviewed scientific journals. The program is delivered under the supervision of an approved TALI provider, and can be used in the convenience of your home. The TALI System provides in depth daily analytics to assist TALI providers in monitoring your child’s progress and, where necessary adjusting the program.


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TALI is an evidence based training program that helps children aged between 3 to 8 years to better concentrate in class, improving academic performance and long term outcomes.


How does TALI work?

TALI is a cognitive training program that targets core attention networks in the brain via engaging touchscreen exercises. The program is designed to be completed 5 times a week over a period of 5 weeks. The TALI program automatically adjusts in real-time to ensure that each exercise is challenging but not too difficult that it becomes daunting.

Who is TALI suitable for?

TALI is suitable for any child experiencing attention difficulties, for instance, struggling to maintain focus in the classroom, having problems following instructions, and being forgetful or distractible. TALI has been shown to be particularly beneficial for children who experience attention difficulties as a result of developmental disability, such as autism spectrum disorder.

How to get started?

To get started with TALI please contact the Learning Enrichment Studio. You will need to provide:

  • A tablet – either android or apple (e.g. IPad)
  • A reliable Internet connection – the program can be administered without an internet connection but this is important to allow daily data to be sent to the secure TALI server
  • a quiet, comfortable location for TALI training

The Learning Enrichment Studio as a TALI provider will provide the following services:

  • Free initial consultation to determine if the TALI program and the recommended training schedule is right for your child (any standardised assessments needed are an additional cost)
  • Start-up session in person consultation to discuss the program and set up your child via the online system
  • Access to the 20-25 minute TALI program to complete 5 days a week
  • Daily monitoring of your child’s progress via the TALI web portal
  • Weekly support and progress calls
  • Completion session in person training review and recommendation at the end of your child’s training

Where are we?

Location: Suite 214/19 Milton Parade
Malvern, VIC 3144

Telephone: 0448 064 738

Email: nv@learningenrichmentstudio.com.au

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For more than 25 years Noeleen Vincent has been working with individuals in helping them develop their concentration, logic, problem solving abilities and social aptitude. Now, with the establishment of the Learning Enrichment Studio in Malvern, Victoria, she is able to apply her skills in helping children excel in their chosen passion or interests through a variety of fun and engaging programs. For more information or to talk with Noeleen, please contact us using the details provided.